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About Us

Emissions Trading Consulting

ATR is an environmental consulting company that has been working with state-owned companies

and eco-friendly technology companies since 2020 to cope with climate change and promote sustainable development.

ATR consults and cooperates with domestic eco-friendly technology companies 
that can participate in the development, registration, and monitoring of the carbon market businesses.

Business for Climate Action

Based on environmental consulting and emissions trading business, ATR is preparing a Fintech 

where individuals can participate in climate projects by connecting the environment

and their environmental impact with finance.

ATR analyzes individual lifestyles, provides carbon footprint measurements, raises awareness of climate change,

and strives to take climate action.



ATR is an environmental consulting company in charge of responding to climate change. We work with public corporations and eco-friendly technology companies for sustainable development towards a better tomorrow.


Emission Trading

Based on professional manpower, ATR provides consulting for strategic emissions trading and ESG business through various networks that apply to the carbon market

넓고 강력한 해외 네트워크와 전문 인력 구성을 바탕으로 탄소배출권 사업에 접목 가능한 다양한 환경기술회사와의 네트워크로 전략적인 탄소배출권 거래 및 ESG 사업 컨설팅을 제공합니다.


My Daily CO2

ATR provides carbon footprint analyses by analyzing the lifestyles of individuals. It also works to introduce low cost investment opportunities to clients through climate impact funds and ESG investment products.

오픈뱅킹 연계 구매기반으로 개인의 라이프스타일에 따른 탄소발자국을 자동 분석하여 

소비자에게 탄소저감/탄소중립 라이프 스타일 팁을 제공하며, 소액투자가 가능한

기후임팩트펀드 및 ESG 투자 상품을 소개합니다.


Climate Project Team

  • ​Overseas Certified Emission Reductions 
  • ​Domestic and Foreign Business
  • ​Domestic CO2 Reduction Business
  • Green New Deal

Business Development team

  • Development of  My Daily CO2
  • Financial/Manufacturing Association

Research Institute

  • New Business and Strategies
  • Technical Demand and Feasibility Study




Establish an accounting firm

Conducting research services on Vietnam’s waste energy development project of Samho Environmental Technology



Change Shareholder​/ Changed the CEO


Non-baked brick utilization program CDM project 


Indonesia Water Purification Facility Program CDM Project  


Establishment of corporate research institute



Establishment of a basic plan for eco-friendly smart regeneration cities and research services on feasibility


Greenhouse gas reduction and fuel saving effect demonstration project

Certification of carbon footprint and discovery of linked models for CDM business


Feasibility Study for CDM-linked Urban Regeneration Projects in Pakistan


Consulting on carbon neutral management innovation voucher business